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We are, a fake id maker for providing you with the highest quality counterfeit IDs. We created two teams – one for making IDs and a separate one for quality control. Instantly, our speed and efficiency picked up and we have been on a roll since. Trained professionals and a streamlined process make it possible for us to cater to as many fake ids possible.

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By prioritizing our customers’ needs, we have successfully developed a well-regarded reputation. The first vendor to introduce Polycarbonate & Teslin IDs; we are the pioneers in this market.

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The technology and techniques at our disposal allow us to emulate the necessary security measures. Neither you nor the bouncer at the bar will be able to spot anything amiss. Our cards are the best in the business.

All States Supported

We have a solid decade of experience with fake ID templates. Our product showcase offers updated novelty ID of almost every state. Our licenses bypass Hologram, Bend, Blacklight (UV), Barcode & scan tests.


No long wait or delays! We know that you’re eager to party, so we don’t make you wait around. We have a streamlined process in place that ships our IDs the moment they are ready. Just make your payment and sit back; your ID should reach you as soon as possible.


Step 1: Your provided photo is processed. Our technicians inspect based on (state selection) & (Background requirements) to decide editing levels.

Step 2: Template selection for Driver’s license or State ID. Credentials & data gets parsed into the card stock.

Step 3: Laminated with holograms; IDs are fully tested on BCS, PDF417 for encoding. Hence, a complete fake ID is ready to be dispatched for shipping.


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We offer a wide variety of Products


We work with talented Photoshop experts who design the ID as close to a real one as possible. To get your own, you will have to contact us so that we can get started. We provide complete anonymity, so you don’t have to worry about being compromised. We accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Credit cards & even Gift cards. Hence, providing convenience to pay online for your ID. Through discreet shipping and anonymous payment methods, you will be completely protected from any type of potential hazard.

The words “convenience” and “quality” are commonly used by our customers to sum up their thoughts.



Our website is designed with convenience and security in mind, so it is a straightforward process. There is no risk of getting caught, whether this is in terms of buying the fake ID or using it. Our licenses are so impressive that they might as well be legitimate and our ordering process is completely anonymous, so you are completely safe. Here, at Topfakeid, nothing matters more than the customer. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now!

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We take our fake ID game a notch higher than booze with a blog section that keeps you informed on the potential of our fake IDs. Most scam fake ID sites sell their lies by pushing the nightlife perks of a fake ID into your face. They know that appealing to your appetite would be a faster way to persuade you to buy into their scam. Our blog helps you understand other ways to leverage a fake ID to your advantage, especially online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A fake ID generally mimics an original ID issued by organizations or legislative bodies, like your government. The purpose of a real ID is to serve as identification for employees and citizens and, in the case of government-issued IDs, to hamper criminal activity and nights of fun for hardworking students who want nothing else but a few hours of relaxation and fun.

On the surface, a fake ID is just a chunk of plastic with your name, picture, and a bunch of other details. Well, that’s probably the answer you will get to hear if you ask an adult about it. But ask someone who has been less fortunate in the age department so far, and they will tell you a different story.

Let’s get technical here for a minute and understand what a good fake ID should be unless you want to get duped into buying something that really is just a chunk of plastic. To match the quality and design of the original ID, the fake ID will:

  • Be made out of high-quality (not cheap) PVC and polycarbonate thermoplastics and Teslin, a form of synthetic waterproof paper. It is so easy to get tricked into buying a fake ID that feels flimsy and cheap the moment you hold it. Such IDs won’t fool your college janitor, let alone the much more experienced bouncer outside the club.
  • Have gone through an extensive production process assisted with specialized equipment to generate and emboss holograms, Soundex codes, encoded ID numbers, and scannable barcodes that return custom fake information if scanned.

For someone unfortunate enough to be under 21 in the US of A, a fake ID is much more than a slab of plastic they bought off the internet. It is fun moments with friends, indulging in crazy experiences, and making memories that will last well past your college years.


So, you have decided that it’s finally time to get yourself a fake ID because you just can’t do without one. That’s great! More power to you. We’re all for having a great time out with friends (responsibly, of course). However, now that you have made up your mind about purchasing a fake ID, you must be facing a more troubling challenge: where to buy one from? Although several options may have presented themselves to you, including graduating seniors selling their spare or fake IDs at a premium and that shady-looking dude outside the campus, it’s difficult to know who to trust. Buying the ID from a place you trust is essential. This is where our website comes in.

A fake ID website is exactly what the name suggests – it’s a website that sells fake IDs & that is what we are. There are a lot of advantages of buying your ID from a website as well as a couple of disadvantages. For instance, the good bit is that there are literally dozens of websites selling fake IDs, so you can browse around a fair bit and compare their services.

The bad bit is that if you’re new to the world of fake IDs, you wouldn’t know which websites are legitimate sellers and which ones are elaborate scams set up to relieve you of your precious greens. Fortunately, picking out the trustworthy ( from the downright nasty requires no rocket science but only a bit of observation.

A fake ID is your pass to a world of experiences that were previously out of reach. Of course, it will benefit you the most if you’re under 21 and want to spend the night clubbing with friends. But with a fake ID in hand, don’t limit yourself to just that. There is so much more that a fake ID can do for you. Getting a beer from the liquor store is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes, a good fake will do the obvious and open doors to some of the most happening places around town with booze, buddies, and rock and roll. And yes, it will let you throw sick after-hour parties that turn you from a nobody to one of the most popular kids in college. However, a fake ID can also save you a ton of money if you let it.

You don’t have to be under 21 to get a fake ID or to love discounts. Who said adults can’t love discounts just as much as students what with the pressures of real life choking the starlight out of you? Being able to save a few dollars every now and then is wonderful, even if it isn’t a lot of money.

A lot of retailers will have discounts exclusive to state residents from time to time. With a fake ID, you can be on the lookout for all such discounts around the city. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to avail a few good deals that you would have missed otherwise.

It isn’t just discounts at retail shops. Even cinemas and zoos sometimes have discounts for state residents only. With a fake ID, there are a whole host of opportunities that you can avail. It can help you get a car rental in states where the minimum age for rentals is a ridiculous number like 23. Or if you’re a guy, you can use the ID to get a shot at that college senior you’ve been crushing so hard on and show her that age it nothing but a number.

Here at, we don’t just work to make a profit. We work to give our customers an easy and reliable experience that they would want to come back to and share with friends. We understand that first-time buyers who choose us for their fake ID needs are doing so with great uncertainty. Our goal has always been to give our customers an experience that doesn’t make them regret their choice.

Our dedicated team of designers produces meticulous recreations of all state IDs that we sell. With painstaking attention to detail, our designers ensure that all security elements of a real ID are translated onto the fake ID in a precise manner. More importantly, they ensure that the incorporated security features all work the way they should.

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