Florida ID

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Price: $100

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Florida.

Term: 8 years (4 years for CDL with hazmat endorsement), expiring on birthday.

Number: 13 coded characters: L = first letter of last name; 1-3 = code of last name; 4-6 = department coding; 7-8 =year of birth; 9- 11 = coding of birth date and sex; 0 = tie-breaker digit (may not appear).

Template: Current design clones Florida licenses issued by the DMV.

View the Florida (ID MAKING DIAGRAM) for understanding data processing & features placement techniques.
These are involved in making authentic FL IDs which are valid for (2020, 2021, 2022).


  • Ghost images, larger image overlaps photo (SERVES AS HOLOGRAM), smaller in transparent gold window.
  • UV state outline, gold window, repeating “FL” diagonally across front.
  • Optically variable “FD” and holder’s birth year (e.g., FD97) above ghost image.
  • back comes with UV & inverted duplicate photo.
  • Florida State Seal.
  • Cards are flexible & will pass bend test.
  • Real ID.
  • Raised printing techniques used to print certain elements.

Scannable Features:

  • Fully equipped with Magnetic Stripe, ICN (Inventory Control Number), 2D QR codes.

Introduction: No nightlife scene is complete without a couple of drinks. However, it is hard to mix with alcohol when you haven’t spent 21 years on this green earth. Buying our Florida fake ID will make it all possible for you.

Florida is known for many things. It’s a big destination for theme parks, it’s the historic starting ground for the Kennedy Space Center, and it also happens to be the flattest state in the US. Above all, the Sunshine State will always be famous for its laidback lifestyle and rocking nightlife.

About: Drinking in Florida is all about using it as a social game. You drink to meet new people, you drink when you meet them again, and then you all drink to reminisce when you all met up. Point is, you drink a fair bit.

Of course, the Florida way is still far from just hammering down beers or bottles of vodka without any care in the world. Only 17.4% of the adult population drinks excessively.

This is still below the national average that you’d expect from any other state. That’s just the way Florida is. The people here don’t drink much, but what they do drink, they drink well.

Florida’s Drinking Culture: It is hard to sum up Florida’s entire drinking culture into just a few sentences. However, you can expect there to be some high-class drinking for the most part.

People prefer to go for more hip drinking lounges than your typical dive. The drinks themselves are more about the aesthetics than they are about their actual alcohol content.

Most of Florida’s drinks tend to be modeled after the sun-infused beach climate that it has for most of the year. You can expect the state’s famous drinks to be exotic cocktails in various forms. You can find everything from mojitos and rum runners to margaritas and even caipirinhas.

We advise you to read guidelines on how bouncers spot Florida fake IDs to avoid common mistakes upon entrance.


Finding low-key places to have a drink in Florida may seem like a tall order, but it is definitely not impossible. There are still a few joints out there where you can show your counterfeit ID without attracting too much attention.

  1. No Name Pub in Big Pine Key: It happens to be one of those places. It is a small pub that is out of the way, which keeps it safe from tourists and wanderers. The atmosphere is cultivated to be laid and chill. The chances are that it won’t kill the vibe by trying to give you the third degree over your ID.
  2. Green Parrot in Key West: It is a local spot that favors the locals. The bar has a lot of history and tries to keep everything familiar for its regular patrons. Carding here isn’t very strict and you can get by just fine. 


Despite your best efforts, you might find that not every bar and pub is so forthcoming. There are plenty of places that will have you show an ID or send you back home.

  1. The Palace Saloon on Fernandina Beach: It just happens to be the oldest bar in Florida, which makes it a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. This means a proper carding system that you can’t avoid.
  2. The Clevelander on Miami Beach: It is another prime example. It is known for being a place to party, which makes it the destination for college students on their spring break. The staff is aware of this, so expect precautionary ID checks all around.

Drinking Laws in Florida: Florida has had the spotlight for its drinking culture in movies and other forms of media. This is why the laws here are so strict to thwart anyone trying to live the good life.

Consumption laws are pretty standard here. You can’t buy alcohol under the age of 21 and you can’t use an ID that’s forged, borrowed or altered in any way. These laws are taken very seriously, and even a first-time offender is treated with a criminal charge.

However, you can have alcohol at the age of 18 if it’s a requirement for completing a course (official and accredited, of course). No matter how grand your dreams are for drinking and partying in the Sunshine State, they can be made possible with a fake ID from us.

Thickness0.04 inch
Dimensions 85.60 × 53.98 mm
ShippingCHINA, USA.
MethodDHL, USPS, FedEx
Delivery3-4 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
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