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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Operator license of Indiana.

Term: Operator license expires on birthday 6 years following issue date. Expires on birthday or end-of-stay date.

Number: 10 digits spaced 4-2-4, uncoded.

Template: Current design clones INDIANA licenses issued by the DMV.

View the INDIANA (ID MAKING DIAGRAM) for understanding data gathering & security features placement.
These are involved in making authentic (IN) IDs which are valid for (2020, 2021, 2022).


  • Fine-line design with state capitol and Indianapolis 500 car image.
  • Laser-engraved photo and ghost image.
  • Transparent window allows ghost image to be seen on both side. The image on the back is inverted.
  • UV front; State Capitol Building surrounded by stars & outline “INDIANA,” “DL,” duplicate image; tactile DOB; microprinting.
  • UV back; mini-portrait.
  • Real ID.

Scannable Features:

  • Digitized with security overlay.
  • 1D & 2D codes in QR format as used by the DMV.

Introduction: If your age dips anywhere below that essential 21, you might be in a spot of tough luck. However, with a little help from our Indiana fake ID, you can go on your merry way to enjoying everything that this state has to offer in terms of booze. 

Indiana may not be the birthplace of drinking culture, but it can get a party going when you need it. The so-called Crossroads of America has all the means for you to settle down with a drink at the end of the night with a few friends and some good music. You can do all of this if you’re old enough to break 21 or have an ID.

About: You may be surprised to know that Indiana isn’t particularly big on drinkers. In fact, when it comes to the drinking states of the US, it ranks fairly low on the totem pole. You can easily find bars and places selling cheap drinks, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to find bustling crowds there every time you go.

As far as the actual drinking population goes, it’s quite low. You can expect about 16.8% of the adult population of Indiana having a few too many beers. This is hardly above the national average, so it’s not as big of a deal.

That’s why you can find that most of what Indiana has for its drinking norms is the easygoing nature of consuming alcohol. It’s all about downing a few beers with friends rather than hammering them up to go all out on parties.

Indiana’s Drinking Culture: The drinking culture of this state is fairly tame. You are not going to find people going for anything fancy or high class. The idea of drinking something more expensive than your average bar selection doesn’t really exist.

On the average day, you can expect the people of Indiana enjoying a nice chilled can of beer with their friends and family. Something like wine and champagne only sees the light of day at major events or celebrations.

That said, there is a preference for a refreshing cocktail. It’s something that meshes in well with the hot summers, barbeques and picnics that are popular here. The locals love to have something other than just a can of beer. You will be able to find different versions of martinis, spiked lemonades and much more.

Indiana has no shortage of places where you can sit down to get tipsy, but not all of them can take your fakes without raising flags. Here are a few bars you can pass your fake IDs at.

  1. Kilroy’s in Indianapolis: The place to be if you want to pass your counterfeit IDs with ease. It’s a sports bar that caters to swaths of crowds at all times. The place tends to get pretty crowded at times, which is more than a handful for the small staff that runs this place. Luckily, they are all friendly to younger crowds like college students since that’s where most of their foot traffic comes from. The atmosphere is easygoing, so don’t expect too much trouble. ID checks here are a basic formality, so getting away with fakes isn’t really a tall order.
  2. The Dugout: A low-key place you would want to try. It is a neighborhood bar that keeps the essence of the conventional dive bar alive. You can expect cheap drinks, amazing sandwiches, decent music and good company. It is easy to just sit back here and hang out for a good while as the drinks wear you down and the rustic charm makes you feel at home. Of course, like any dive out there, the culture of lax ID checks is pretty strong.


You might not be lucky enough to just slip into many bars without having to prove you are of age. Here are a few bars that you should keep an eye out for.

  1. Blu is fancy at Meridian St: This is a party hotspot in the city which attracts flocks of people to it. You can find drinks, dancing and great music here. The interior decor for this place is on point and makes it look and feel a little more contemporary than what you might be used to. This club’s legacy includes having regular DJs on the house speakers. It’s been visited by great DJs and artists and has even been graced by Snoop Dogg himself. All of this comes at the cost of having to pull out your ID.
  2. 1933 Lounge in downtown Indianapolis: This place is as downtown fancy as it can get. It has a classy atmosphere with great drinks and is surrounded by a lot of fine dining restaurants. Whether you are in the mood for something to eat or just want to satiate your appetite for getting drunk, there’s something here for you. This makes for the ultimate wining and dining experience. But don’t think you can stay past the appetizers if you don’t bring your ID to the table.

Drinking Laws in Indiana: The drinking laws in Indiana are pretty straightforward and clear about boozing up. You can’t drink anything with alcohol in it if you are under the age of 21. Not only this, but you can’t even buy or have possession of any alcoholic drinks unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Now, if you are thinking of using a false ID to buy booze, you should think again. Using anything other than your actual ID to identify yourself will land you in a spot of trouble including fines and jailtime. The alcoholic presence in Indiana may be low, but it stands strong. If you want to be knee deep into it, you need a fake ID as your floatation device.

Thickness0.032 inch
Dimensions 81.53 × 50.95 mm
Delivery2-4 EXPRESS, 7-10 STANDARD.
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