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Price: $100

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Kentucky.

Term: 8 years for current license; 4 years for prior license; CDL term may vary. 

Number: 9 characters beginning with alpha (generally first letter of last name), followed by 2-digit year of original issue, ending with 6 randomly assigned digits, hyphenated in groups of 3.

Template: Current design validates Kentucky IDs issued by the DMV.

View the KENTUCKY (ID PRINTING DIAGRAM) for understanding data gathering & elemental placement.
These are involved in making authentic (KY) IDs which are valid for (2019-2020, 2021, 2022).



  • Ghost image with window, fine-line printing with state seal.
  • Metallic hologram of State Capitol with a security feature that shows different images depending on viewing angle. 
  • Holder’s initials and birth year appear over hologram and in upper right (e.g., KS80) in the sample.
  • State seal, may show black Real ID or not.
  • License does not come with parts printed in ultraviolet ink.

Scannable Features:

  • Bendable card with fine-line design. Digitized with lD and 2D barcodes on back. Licenses must show Kentucky address.

Introduction: Naturally, you would want to explore the rich Kentuckian heritage by indulging yourself with a drink or two. We’ll get you rolling deep in a couple of drinks in no time with our top-of-the-line Kentucky fake ID. 

From horse racing and the tobacco industry to bluegrass music and fried chicken, Kentucky has no shortage of legacies. But above all, if you can associate anything with Kentucky, it’s the state’s rich history with bourbon and whiskey distilleries.

About: Despite alcohol being a historic part of Kentucky’s culture, it is not a state of wandering drunkards. Looking at the facts, you can tell that only around 16.3% of the adult population in Kentucky drink excessively.

With these kinds of numbers, you would sooner expect people binging on fried chicken than on downing cold beers. That being said, it is not impossible to find a drink here. There are still some Kentuckian establishments that will gladly take your patronage.

Kentucky’s Drinking Culture: Owing to its great history with bootlegging and distilleries, you might not be surprised to know that the drinking culture here favors the good ‘ol whiskey and bourbon. However, those aren’t the only options if you want something more than a traditional drink.

Some of the Kentucky locals will favor unique cocktails for a bit of the new flavor. You can expect to see cocktails like the mint julep or the Kentucky sidecar. Of course, if you still want to pay homage to Kentucky, you can do it with the bourbon ball or bourbon ale.


There are a ton of great bars in Kentucky, but not all might be fake ID-friendly. Here are a few that are:

  1. The Beer Trappe in Lexington: A good starting point. It’s got a great selection of beer both local and imported. The pass rate for counterfeit IDs is pretty good too.
  2. Metzger’s Tavern: It is a local food and beer hangout to try. It’s got all the tavern food and drinks you could ever want. Sliding fakes isn’t too hard here either.


Kentucky is no stranger to joints that will have you pull out an ID before you can even breathe inside the place.

  1. Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar: It is one of Louisville’s oldest blues bars. That means great drink service, exceptional live music and constant ID checks.
  2. The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar in Covington: It pays tribute to the state’s connection with bourbon. Expect to get treated here by locals who will show you the ropes with your choices. Just make sure you have an ID at the ready.

Drinking Laws in Kentucky: Kentucky’s drinking laws are pretty straightforward. You can’t drink under the age of 21 unless you are under the watchful eye of a parent or guardian. Using a fake ID is bad and is treated like a criminal offence.

Thickness0.035 inch
Dimensions 84.60 × 54.25 mm
MethodUSPS, DHL.
Delivery2-4 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
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