We are committed to providing flawless replicas. One of its kind; our company has achieved a milestone of over 1 Million satisfied customers so far. We give you more than just a reason to buy our IDs. Our platform is secure & showcases elements, features & printing level techniques. From starting to dispatching finished IDs; we aim to share all the steps that are involved in the process with our customers.

Q: How do you know if we are legitimate?

A: Browse our “VIDEO”  section. We are the only fake ID maker providing on-site opportunity for customers to see detailed video graphics of our licenses. Not a single competitor website displays this. Our state-of-the-art equipment, printing & professionally-made counterfeit IDs can be shown on our “VIDEO REVIEWS” page.

In 2020, More than 20 US states released new versions of their licenses. These IDs are completely different and have new security enhancements. We are the #1 vendor to have introduced new templates of Georgia, Idaho, Iowa & Kentucky.

Our payment options rarely change. We stick to Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Bitcoin & sometimes Visa or Master cards. We have never relied on Paypal or Bank Transfer or any other payment processor that involves risking or exposing your vital information.

Our payment options are convenient & you can indirectly use your Debit/Credit card, Paypal or Bank Account to purchase. Hence, we currently accept:
1. Amazon Gift Cards (Purchased in Person) Click to Read more
2. Google Play Gift Cards (Purchased in Person or Online) Click to Read More
3. Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Read more

Our website contains demographic information on each fake ID. We put each security detail; printing techniques & security enhancements in a detailed and proper manner. We give you information such as in-state passing ratios, out-of-state risks & other factors.
Never buy or trust any vendor; whose fake ID samples do not have the credentials as their company’s name. Every ID Sample on our platform will have an embedded anime character as a dummy person in photos. The credentials will show TOPFAKEID.COM as name & signature. Hence, it gives you one important proof that we make fake IDs.

Our fake ID product pages enlist Photos of each license from different viewing positions. Images are also taken under different light sources. Some photos will expose UV printed features. Popular state ID pages also contain physically obtained Videos of the particular licenses.

Topfakeid.com has a dedicated Review page. Our contributors constantly update this page with the latest feedback from our customers. We do not moderate these directly. However, our team lists your feedback in an unbiased manner & regardless of whether the review is in favor of Topfakeid.com or not.

Topfakeid.com offers various US state driving licenses at affordable rates. Our pricing for each state is different. It starts from $100 to $150. Prices may change at any time. To view pricing for each ID. You can visit our SHOP page & view pricing for each ID.

To order different State IDs in a group order, select “DIFFERENT STATES” in the state list and then select the license in the next selection “GROUP STATE” for each person.

GROUP DISCOUNTS: Our group pricing is also unbeatable. We offer different discounts on group orders. It may vary on the number of IDs that you order. Our order form will calculate your total. You will get a 10% discount if you are ordering this, 20% on that, 30% on then.

Duplicate is a cloned copy of the ID that you order from us. We provide free-of-charge dupe with each order. We also provide dupes in group orders. Hence, if you order for 5 people, then you will get a total of 10 IDs. Hence, each person receiving one extra.

Topfakeid.com’s main incentive is to win your confidence. Our fake IDs are very popular among the youth throughout the US. We have never failed any customers. Our fake ID page lists each feature that comes with our IDs & we have never failed to supply any license that lacks any of the security elements that we advertise.

Here are some of the processes that our licenses go throughout the process.

Hence, our driver’s licenses will scan anywhere. We take full responsibility for any ID that fails to do so and will offer full refunds in such a case. However, this has not happened and mind you; we have shipped over thousands of IDs so far with no such complaints.

Advertising unrealistic shipping time-frame is not our aim. We do not want you to be frustrated & keep asking us about the whereabouts of your package. Hence, we advertise accurate durations for each state ID on our product pages. You may also read in detail about how our fake id shipping takes place.

RUSH DELIVERY/EXPRESS SERVICE: These orders are collected on an urgent basis. Information is processed quickly at a rapid rate.

Since we charge extra ($75) for this type of order that is why our customer care service prioritizes Express orders & ships them using DHL or USPS with a minimum (2-3 DAYS) & maximum (3-4 DAYS) tenure.

The tenure of the mentioned duration is from the time you place your order. Hence, if you ordered an ID with EXPRESS service; then you will get it in the next 2-4 days. You may get it earlier but it won’t be delayed more than 4 days which is a maximum time-frame.

STANDARD SERVICE: Unlike our competitors; our standard shipping duration does not exceed 8 days. Most ID providers take 2-3 weeks to ship their products. However, Topfakeid.com will deliver your ID with (STANDARD SHIPPING) which is free in a maximum of 8-10 days duration.

Shipping Companies: DHL, FedEx, USPS. We do not use any other shipping providers. Most of our express orders are delivered using DHL. The USPS, FedEx are mostly used for standard deliveries. We also ship to P.O Boxes.

International Shipping: You have to use (RUSH/EXPRESS SHIPPING) service if you want your ID shipped internationally. We use DHL for such service. You cannot use a standard shipping option for an international order.

Once your IDs are printed & fully go through scan tests; then we send them out to our dispatch team. They dispatch them to be shipped to the required (SHIPPING ADDRESS) that you submitted with us during your order form submission. We will provide you a tracking number via E-mail. The same E-mail address that you used during your order submission process will receive a notification including your ORDER NUMBER & Tracking information as well.

Tracking Numbers are usually sent 5-6 days (AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR ORDER FORM) in case of Standard Shipping orders & 2-3 DAYS in case of EXPRESS/RUSH orders.

The process of ordering your fake license on Topfakeid.com is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is follow a few steps.

1. STEP 1: Go to our Order Form & Select a Payment Option. Upon selecting the Payment option read the details on how to pay with the particular method.

2. STEP 2: Calculate your total price by entering the number of IDs you will be ordering & select the state you want the license of. (To order multiple or different state IDs select “DIFFERENT STATES” in the state list & then select your particular state ID for each person in the “GROUP STATE” box.

3. STEP 3: Upon calculating the price fill the order form once if you are ordering a single ID. -OR- Fill the form multiple times by entering details of each person or ID in case of a group order.

Just so you know; using a fake ID to identify yourself as fit to drink does not mean that you can use whatever photo you like for your license. Hence, we have a specific “PHOTO TAKING INSTRUCTIONS GUIDE” in our fake ID guide section you can read the rules & indulge yourself with the DMV standards to send us a correct photo for your ID or license.

Yes, we allow you to use your custom name, age, address, expiry date, signature & other information to submit. We even allow you to choose the hair color, eye color or endorsements that you want on your license. But at the same time, we instruct our customers to be vigilant while doing so.

Unless you know what format the license number of a specific state is; you shouldn’t use a custom license number to order from us. Because, if you use a wrong format then your ID may be spotted as fake by any in-state clerk or Bouncer.

We allow you to leave the fields such as expiry, issue dates & license number or class empty. By leaving them empty; our system generates custom license numbers and the rest of the credentials using our “FAKE ID INFORMATION GENERATING SYSTEM” which is as accurate as of the DMV software. Hence, if you don’t know what you are doing, then let us do it. You can learn more about how we generate fake information for your id here.

We change our locations from time to time. Our current locations are South Korea, India, Iceland & China. Due to recent problems in China, we rely mostly on South Korea.

Chinese packages are going through heavy scrutiny by the US customs. Hence, we mostly rely on South Korean locations to ship our IDs to US customers. We have one piece of advice for you. Instead of asking questions about our locations; you should focus on the quality of our IDs which has been unbeatable so far.

While submitting your order form; we allow you to check it twice for any mistakes & errors. We even send notifications for each submission to the E-mail address that you provide. Hence, we provide you two effective ways to check for any spellings or mistakes in your order form(s).

If you make a mistake and do not notify us to correct it within 24 hours after submission. Then, we will not provide you any refunds or reprints in such cases.

Our reprint policy is flexible. We provide a new ID card only if our fake ID does not match your requirements or any mishandling is detected on our part. So far, we have not had more than just a few cases where we have provided Reprints or demanded by customers. We have a satisfied customer base of thousands of subscribers & never faced any issues when it concerns our quality.

Refunds will be provided in case you do not receive the intended product.

No, we do not. Topfakeid.com has a strong customer relationship with over 20,000 orders per day. We have a dedicated team that provides effortless support to our customers. We do not have time and duration to make a reseller program. It is currently difficult for us to handle and manage the magnitude of orders that we get through our system. Hence, we do not need to rely on Resellers because our sales ratio is more than that we can handle.

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