REVIEWS & PROOF is the standalone counterfeit IDs provider with customized product pages. Each of our fake license has a certified recommendation from our customers.

Our fake ID product structure presents video reviews & verified testimonials. These IDs have made it possible for several people to have fun without age-restricted boundaries.

You will find several on-page proof of our authentic licenses here. The interface is dedicated to our new visitors. So, you can scroll hundreds of Blog posts, articles & reviews (with photos + videos) below.

Unlike our competitors; we do not rely on self-written appraisals. Hence, any review without an image or animated proof will not be published here.

These are Real IDs received by our buyers. After getting positive response & to get future discounts we encourage our customers to get back to us with their verified testimonials.

To accomplish this, all you have to do is hold a sign with our “TOPFAKEID.COM” signature with your ID. This helps us to showcase our fake IDs in a realistic manner. It also provide our new visitors with an opportunity to see what the finished product looks like.


For new visitors, you will not bother to go anywhere else. Our website has it all! We have a huge collection of on-site proof.’s team ensures each updated review & opinion gets posted here.


Animated Proof: View our newly featured videos

Hosting a video to show finished licenses on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo is impossible due to censorship.

We are able to self-host animated looks of our popular IDs. The video contains reviews, scan application tests & other illustrations such as UV light, bend tests of our IDs.



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These are returned testimonials which are updated every month. To take part and show your appreciation, you may use our Contact Page. The orders below have been confirmed upon receiving & in return we provide you a 20% discount code for your next purchase.

An example of our newly introduced Kansas Driver’s license. This is our first customer to have received the (KS) ID on this template. Works like a charm.

Received by Dalton Tuck (WICHITA) ORDER #KS017615821 DELIVERED VIA (DHL) in 3 days.

We have committed to provide dedicated services. Our barcode generator is not available for sale. Hence, it is impossible for a security scanner to detect our Florida fake license that has our encoded PDF417 or BCS codes.

Received by Verdasko Dias (TAMPA) ORDER #FL01538514 DELIVERED VIA (DHL) in 4 days.

Let’s face it, counterfeit industry relies on modern equipment & professional technicians – our competitors lack these. The Scannable Washington ID is one of our most demanded state.

Received by Kemayar Zevs (TACOMA) ORDER #WA019816521 DELIVERED VIA (USPS) in 5 days with standard shipping. has Pioneered the use of Polycarbonate as a leading material. Our technical staff finished making replica of the new Indiana licenses in one week. Orders are already getting processed.

Received by Edward (INDIANAPOLIS) ORDER #IN0191027413 VIA (USPS) in 5 days.

Achieving excellence in this niche is our priority. We ship over 20,000 IDs & collect more than that everyday. Our shipping & processing speeds beats the rest. All of this; but we do not compromise our quality.

Received by Kelly Brian (TENNESSEE) ORDER #TN01820517 DELIVERED VIA (DHL) in 3 days.

No reselling at all! We do not have the time or need to ask people to resell for us. Our quality speaks for itself. We have it all for you. Licenses that are not available in any other market; you will find them here. New Idaho is only available here.

Received by Kate (RATHDRUM)ORDER #ID013746019 DELIVERED VIA (FedEx) in 3-4 days with EXPRESS.

Other websites & vendors buy Perforated papers & OVI sheets from wholesale suppliers. Topfakeid, has self-serving capacity to make Laminates, Perforated & hologram films. The California IDs uses backlit laser-perforation.

Received by Edward (INDIANAPOLIS) ORDER #IN0191027413 VIA USPS in 5 days.

Voted top for a reason; we never use low-quality sleeves or laminate rolls. Our Pennsylvania IDs are known to have passing through Philly’s Bars & making it up for the native customers.

Received by Aaron Perez (Philadelphia)ORDER #PA081766219 DELIVERED VIA (USPS) in 4 days with EXPRESS.

Our licenses are printed using sophisticated inks with features such as waterproof, fade-resistance & durable. It is better-suited to print on rigid materials like Polycarbonate & gives an authentic look to our licenses.

Received by Robert Jules (CONNECTICUT)ORDER #CT0102159210 DELIVERED VIA (USPS) in 8 days with STANDARD.

We are recognized as a brand ambassador of counterfeit industry on major forums. The scannable features that our licenses carry has critics in awe. From top-ranked publications to major blogs in the fake IDs realm; our name remains #1 in the game.

Top Fake ID provides the ultimate solution for the nightlife perks. Our team attests to the high-quality of their replicas.


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