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Price: $110

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Nevada.

Term: As of 01/01/14, 8 years for all new applicants; 8-year renewal for holders with an even birth year; 4 years for holders with an odd birth year.

Number: 10 digits; older issues may show 12 digits.

Template: Current design validates Nevada licenses issued by the DMV.


View the NEVADA (ID MAKING SAMPLE) for understanding data gathering & elemental placement.
These are involved in making authentic (NV) IDs which are valid for (2021, 2022).


  • State seal overlaps photo; perforated state outline overlaps ghost image.
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep; Real ID.
  • Repeating state seal printed in UV (HOLOGRAM); changes color as license is titled. 
  • Fine-line background; microprinting. Back has bird, duck, “BATTLE BORN,” microprinting.

Scannable Features:

  • As of 1/14/18, mailing address may include PO box, except Real ID licenses must show Nevada residential address.
  • 1D (Inventory Number) followed by encoded (2D) QR code. Tested with PDF417 format.


Introduction: Our Nevada fake ID will get you inside the hottest places in the most happening cities in the state. If there was ever a place that demanded the need for a counterfeit ID, it’s the oasis of Las Vegas, Nevada. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but nothing happens if you don’t have an ID.

The State of Nevada is the dream holiday destination of many a teenager, but most don’t get to visit until they are much older. Those that do get to visit during their teen years don’t get to experience a lot or hardly anything at all that’s worth experiencing. Buying our premium fake ID will get you inside those closed doors that make your visit truly worthwhile.

About: There’s no other way to describe Nevada than as a party state. Of course, Nevada is much more than just Vegas, but Vegas is what takes its drinking stats through the roof, making it one of the drunkest states in the country.

A visit to Nevada is bound to result in some remarkable booze-filled experiences under the towering Bellagio and on the Las Vegas strip as long as you have packed an ID.

Although it’s absolutely possible to have a great time in Nevada, exploring its great landscapes and having an overall dry trip without getting a drop of liquor in you, that isn’t what Nevada’s appeal is all about. A fake ID will let you embark on the real adventure Nevada has to offer.

Nevada’s Drinking Culture: Drinking in Nevada is a lavish 24-hour affair with no restrictions on shops to sell alcohol at a certain time of the day. Most stores, especially in Vegas, are open 24 hours a day. However, your access to any kind of booze imaginable is only limited by your ability to show an ID. Without an ID, you might as well be in a seaside town than in Vegas.

Food and booze are the core elements of any party, and Las Vegas is the biggest party probably on the planet at any given time, so it has plenty of both.

From beer and gin to Jager bombs and cocktails, visitors partake in all drinks without bias, often throwing them up without bias as well, but that’s probably part of the charm. Some popular cocktails in Nevada are the Boulevardier, the Cable Car, and the Holland House.


Like you pack essentials for any trip, pack them for Nevada as well, and there is nothing more essential for a trip to the state than a fake ID. Like most other parts of the country, if you look young enough, you will be asked to present your ID and as long as you present one, you shouldn’t get too much trouble from bars and shop owners.

Some places, however, are more lenient than others with fake IDs and will accept any without scrutiny.

One such place is the Encore Beach Club, a place like most others in Vegas where the party never stops. Another party hub that is fairly lenient on IDs is Don’t Tell Mama. It offers a fantastic atmosphere and serves some excellent food.


There’s a lot at stake for alcohol-serving businesses in Nevada as they can lose their license for serving alcohol to minors, so naturally, there’s a lot of scrutiny. However, a premium ID can get you through the door at most places and get you served without a hitch.

Some of the places a fake driver’s license can make accessible for you include the fabled XS Nightclub, one of the most popular and exclusive clubs in Vegas.

There’s also Drai’s Nightclub, a true marvel of innovation with an electric atmosphere you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Nevada’s Drinking Laws: Drinking laws in Nevada are much the same as in other states when it comes to underage drinking. However, other laws like public intoxication are fairly lenient and even somewhat nonexistent in some circumstances.

Minors are not allowed at places that sell or serve alcohol, including stores, bars, casinos and hotels. The only exception is if they are working in these places, in which case they can show a workplace-issued ID to enter.

Thickness0.027 inch
Dimensions 85.60 × 53.98 mm
MethodUSPS, DHL.
Delivery2-3 EXPRESS, 7-9 STANDARD.
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