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Price: $100

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Idaho.

Term: Generally 4 or 8 years; may be 1-3 years; 4 years if over 62. Expires on birthday.

Number: Computer-assigned 9 characters consisting of 2 alpha, 6 digits, 1 alpha.

Template: Current design validates Idaho licenses issued by the DMV.

View the Idaho (ID MAKING DIAGRAM) for understanding data processing & features placement techniques.
These are involved in making authentic ID IDs which are valid for (2020, 2021, 2022).



  • Ghost image shows on front; back with overlapped DOB & data.
  • microprinting; OVD state map (HOLOGRAMS).
  • “IDAHO,”; UV state bird & circles.
  • repeating “IDAHO,” Butterfly, State Capitol & inverted duplicate photo (back).

Scannable Features:

  • Two codes. 1D & 2D. 
  • Format used by the DMV. Fully tested with PDF417.

Introduction: You might find that it’s not easy to get ahold of some booze if you happen to be under the legal drinking age. We will empower your drinking needs by giving you an Idaho fake ID that you can use to bypass any age requirements.

When you think about booze and partying, Idaho might be one of the last states to come to mind. It has a weird dual legacy with potatoes and gemstones. It’s hard to imagine that this place will be suited for any kind of drinking purposes.

However, you might be surprised to know that Idaho doesn’t shy away from a bit of partying here and there.

About: Idaho isn’t considered much of a drinking state. This is why there isn’t a lot of presence of drinkers here. Officially, you can find about 15% of the adult population of Idaho drinking excessively. This is much lower than the state average. In fact, it’s so low that it makes Idaho rank in the bottom 10 of the drunkest states.

However, where Idaho may fall behind in partying and boozing up in bars, it excels elsewhere. Idaho has the most wine consumption per capita than any other state in the country. This unique position gives it a somewhat rich presence of local vineyards.

Idaho’s Drinking Culture: Idaho doesn’t have a strong drinking culture on average. The biggest presence for alcohol is directed toward the consumption of wine. This means you can expect something a bit fancier and classier than your typical corner dive bar.

Despite indulging in quality wine for their drinking, it is not even the state’s famous drink. Instead, Idaho’s legacy tends to be based around different cocktails. The state tends to lean more toward whisky-based cocktails. You can find a Whisky Sour or a Spring Whisky Sling on the menu at just about any major bar, pub or restaurant.


Using a fake ID is always an adventure. You open yourself up to doubts and risks when using one if you don’t know how it’s going to be received. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Idaho’s hopefuls where you can make this happen.

  1. Shot Glass in Orofino: It’s a great bar with great amenities despite not being too big. You can easily find cheap drinks, games, pool tables, a patio, live music and karaoke. IDs are checked here, but you won’t be subjected to any serious scrutiny.
  2. Summerville’s Bar in Riggins: It’s a homely neighborhood joint that offers great service and gives you everything you need without carding too hard. You can enjoy cheap beer and amazing pizzas without having to prove too much about yourself.


There are a ton of bars that won’t give you too much trouble for wanting to get a drink for yourself, but at the same time, there are plenty of bars that will absolutely ask you for your ID no matter what.

  1. The Colter’s Creek Tasting Room and Restaurant in Juliaetta:  Although it’s a little hidden and out of the way, it’s a high-class restaurant in a premium location with great food and top-tier booze on tap. So, what’s the price of admission? A rectangular piece of plastic that proves your identity.
  2. The White Horse Saloon: It isn’t just a place to get a drink, but it’s also a historic landmark that acts as a bar, restaurant and hotel. It’s one of the oldest saloons in Idaho being established in 1907. All this means is that the business will absolutely card you in order to keep its long-running reputation intact.

Drinking Laws in Idaho: The drinking laws in Idaho are nothing remarkable. They follow the same standard as the rest of the country. You can’t have a drink before you turn 21. The only exception is if you’re on private property with parental supervision.

It’s completely illegal to buy alcohol if you’re under 21. Using a forged ID will land you with a fine to the tune of thousands of dollars. On top of that, you also face license suspension. If you want to do something a little more exciting than visiting potato farms in Idaho, you need to try our fake IDs for yourself.

Thickness0.04 inch
Dimensions 83.42 × 51.20 mm
ShippingCHINA, USA.
MethodDHL, USPS.
Delivery3-4 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
MaterialTeslin, PVC.
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