Alabama ID

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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Alabama.

Term: 4 years from original issue date, with 60-day grace period.

Number: 7 or 8 digits unspaced, uncoded. ID number starts with “1” as shown in sample.

Template: Current design validates Alabama ID issued by the DMV.

View the Alabama (ID MAKING DIAGRAM) for understanding data processing & features placement.
These are involved in making authentic AL IDs which are valid for (2021-2022).


  • Fine-line background.
  • State seal in UV ink.
  • Alabama State seal overlapping upper right photo corner.
  • License may show out-of-state address & Real ID.
  • Alabama State Capitol Building.

Scannable Features:

  • Rigid plastic card with two barcodes and a magnetic stripe on back.
  • Fully tested on “READER” & “SWIPE” scanners.

Introduction: Our Alabama fake ID will make you feel connected to the land more than the midday sun that makes you sweat or the Southern hospitality that warms you down.

Nothing compares to the wholesome drinking culture you can experience down south and where better to experience it than in the Heart of Dixie itself? Alabama is the state to be in if all you want to do is have a nice, cold beer shared with good friends and tall tales.

Don’t let something trivial like age get you down when you’re here to experience booze in its most enjoyable form. This is Sweet Home Alabama – when you’re here, you’re family.

About: You’ll be surprised to know that for a state with such a rich history of drinking culture, it’s not the one with the most drinkers. In fact, the Cotton State ranks in the bottom 5 of the heaviest states with only 13% of its adult population hammering a few too many beers than they should.

But that’s just the state average. Once you dive deeper, you’ll find areas like Auburn-Opelika topping the stats with 18% of its population admitting to being heavy drinkers (emphasis on admitting).

Still, Alabama tends to have the one of the lowest drinking statistics in the country. Where it lacks in heavy drinking, it makes up for in drinking well. Nowhere will you experience such a rich culture of social drinking.

Alabama Drinking Culture: The majority of your drinking will be hammering down beers, but if hammering is not your thing, you can get by with slamming the state-famous Alabama Slammer. Its tangy yet fruity taste perfectly complements the sweet Southern vibes of the state itself.

If you catch yourself out on a hot day or at the beach, you can’t go wrong with the Alabama Bushwacker. It combines vodka with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate for a delight that’s perfect for a first timer.


While some of the quintessential Alabama bars are ID only, it’s not hard to find somewhere that you can pass a fake ID at.

  1. The Garage Café: The first location you should check out. It’s located in Birmingham on 10th Ter S. It has a relaxed atmosphere and a toned-down setting. This setting makes it ideal to pass around your fake without facing too much trouble.
  2. Below the Radar: If you’re down for the traditional dive, It is your best bet. You can find this one in Hunstville down on 220 Holmes Ave. It’s as much of a bar as a bar can get, but the added benefit here is that you’re rarely carded. Even if you do, it’s pretty easy to skate by with a counterfeit ID.


Despite finding some friendlier joints, it’s not hard to come across bars that play strictly by the rules. These are usually bars that have a big reputation that they don’t want to risk by not carding you.

  1. The Collins Bar: A prime example of this. This downtown Birmingham bar is widely known throughout the state and it strikes down hard with its carding policy. However, if you play your cards right, it’s entirely possible to pass a fake here.
  2. The Cahaba Brewing Company: It is another place where you’re going to have to work the magic of a fake ID. This joint is located in Birmingham and promises to be one of the most premium craft breweries in the state. That kind of title comes with a lot of responsibility and, of course, a strict carding policy.

Drinking Laws in Alabama: Laws against drinking are fairly standard in Alabama. No one under the age of 21 can consume alcohol and anyone who looks younger than that has to be carded. This means that laws against fake IDs are equally as enforced. Throughout the state, you can expect a felony if you create, own or use a fake.

However, if you’re in Auburn, you might not be charged with a felony for owning a fake. Here, a felony only applies if you created or used a fake ID. Simply having one on yourself counts as a misdemeanor.

If you’re looking to enjoy the wholesome drinking experience of Alabama, saddle up with a fake ID and get right down to town.

Thickness0.031 inch
Dimensions 83.10 × 52.13 mm
ShippingCHINA, US.
Method DHL, USPS.
Delivery 3-4 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
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