Connecticut ID

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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Connecticut.

Term: 5-7 years for original license, 6 years for renewals thereafter; 4 years for CDLs. All expire on birthday.

Number: 9 digits, unspaced. First two are coded as: 01 – 12 = birth month if odd-year birth; 13- 24 = birth month if even-year birth.

Template: Current design clones Connecticut IDs issued by the DMV.

View the Connecticut (ID PRINTING DIAGRAM) for understanding data gathering & features placement.
These are involved in making authentic CT IDs which are valid for (2021-2022).


  • UV “Connecticut,” wavy lines, airplane, whale illuminates under ultraviolet light.
  • Ghost image; laser perforated whale appears upon tilting.
  • Back has UV duplicate image and DOB.
  • License must show Connecticut address; may show veteran or donor designation.
  • May have gold circle star in upper right indicating compliance with REAL ID Act or statement indicating not for federal ID.

Scannable Features:

  • Flexible Connecticut card comes with 1D & 2D barcodes on the back.
  • Fully tested QR codes with PDF417 & BCS.

Introduction: CT is no stranger to having bars lined up on virtually any corner, but getting into bars is never a sure thing. Thankfully, you can shake our Connecticut fake ID at restricted places and get entry. 

Drinking in the Nutmeg State may not sound exactly glorious, but it’s not a total letdown either. There are plenty of opportunities here if you want to get a drink at the end of the night. If you want to get your booze, you need to be able to prove you’re worthy. That means hitting that official two-one.

About: Connecticut is like that one friend you have who acts all well-mannered on the outside but unleashes the party animal when the time comes. On the surface, there’s not much to say about the state.

It’s a mostly unremarkable place which is known primarily as the Provisions State. However, there are more than a couple of provisions going around.

There are several boozers hanging around Connecticut with some healthy drinking habits. In fact, there are about 18-19% doing it a bit too excessively.

Drinking here is more about a daily escape from the reality of living in a dull region of the country rather than a crazed frenzy. So, if you want to saddle up with a few long drinks on a Thursday night, you just might fit in.

Connecticut’s Drinking Culture: The drinking culture of Connecticut can be summed up in one word: candor. There’s very little in the way of bells and whistles. People out here are just looking to get drunk quick and easy.

There’s no reason to dress up your drink with tiny umbrellas and lime slices when you can just down a bottle of red without even getting the slightest of looks.

This is why you’ll find that the state’s popular drinks also happen to be the classic choices. You have your beers, your whiskeys, your wines, and anything else that can make you feel tipsy.

That’s not to say that you are limited to cramming absurd amounts of alcohol down your throat. There’s also a reasonable demand in the state for some innovative cocktails. You can find pretty much any dressed up version of a martini or cocktail if you so wish. 


Don’t feel bad if you’re not in this boat. We can give you the means to experience booze in all its glory without having to worry about your age with our ultimate fake ID.

  1. The Cask Republic in New Haven: A promising place to hit up if you want to pass off your counterfeit ID. It offers a ton of beers both straight from the tap and from the cask. The foot traffic is constant, and the atmosphere is causal enough that your fake ID will probably go through without much scrutiny.
  2. Mikro Beer Bar in Hamden: It is another popular beer joint that’s easy to pass counterfeit IDs at. Not only is it a chill place, but it also has a decent selection of drinks. You can have your pick from international beers to homemade brews and even IPAs made locally.


Don’t expect to just go without having to show your ID at all. Hidden deep inside the smaller and relaxed bars in Connecticut lie classy joints that have a reputation to keep and they might not be keen toward you just waltzing in without an ID.

  1. Elm City Social in New Haven: It is a place where you can expect to get carded. It’s a rooftop bar with tons of ambiance, expensive drinks and vibrant new concoctions on the menu. It’s a classy place for classy people – classy 21-year-olds, that is.
  2. The Barcade: Far from being a fancy place. It’s a small joint with homely drinks and arcade games to relive your nostalgic years. Naturally, this means that the bar will be attracting a younger crowd, so expect the bar to be wary about whether or not you have an ID on you.

Drinking Laws in Connecticut: The drinking laws in Connecticut happen to be out of this world. For one, you don’t actually have to be 21 to have a drink. Connecticut allows anyone younger than 21 to enjoy a drink guilt-free, but there’s a catch. You can’t actually buy the drinks yourself. They have to be purchased by a parent or guardian.

Unless you can convince your parents to help you drink a few shots, your options are limited to forged IDs. Of course, they are considered illegal to use and possess by the law. You could be looking at about 30 days behind bars and having to pay $200 to $500 out of pocket.

There’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to Connecticut. If you want to enjoy the hidden fruits that it can offer you, you need a decent fake ID to do it while being underage.

Thickness0.032 inch
Dimensions 84.30 × 51.43 mm
MethodDHL, USPS.
Delivery 2-3 EXPRESS, 7-10 STANDARD.
Material Polycarbonate.

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