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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Maine.

Term: 6 years (5 years for CDL) for under 65, expiring on birthday. 4 years for 65 and older. Photo update required every 12 years.

Number: Computer-generated 7 digits.

Template: Current design clones Maine licenses issued by the DMV.

View the MAINE (ID PRINTING DIAGRAM) for understanding data process & features placement.
These are involved in making authentic (ME) IDs which are valid for (2020, 2021, 2022).



  • Laser engraving of iconic Maine state tree; Eastern white pine. Overlapping on the ghost image.
  • Fine microprinting in the shape of a Black-capped chickadee, tassel, potato field, lighthouse, sailboat, rays of sunlight. 
  • Real ID in shape of state outline.
  • UV front; moose, snowflakes, Flag-map with words “DIRIGO” back; with seal.

Scannable Features: 

  • Card with lD and 2D barcodes on the back. License may show out-of-state address.
  • All elements withstand to bass the blacklight test.

Introduction: Buy our Maine fake ID, we will make sure the State remains your main destination for partying and boozing up. You can enjoy drinking unhinged.

There are a few things that make Maine stand out from the rest of the country. There’s the mountainous geography, the dense forests, and its famous lobster supply. On the surface, the

Pine Tree State seems relatively harmless, but underneath its basic exterior lies one of the drunkest states in the New England region of the country. This makes it one of the most happening places for all your drinking leisure. The only thing that will hold you back is your age.

About: Maine is heavily invested in the drinking lifestyle. There are approximately 19.6% of adults in Maine who drink more than they should. As a result, binge drinking or boozing excessively is the norm here. It’s safe to say, you won’t have any trouble finding like-minded drinkers here.

Maine’s Drinking Culture: The drinking culture here isn’t too complicated. It is based on getting drunk and getting drunk fast. There’s no two ways about it. Everyone just wants to drink straight up without any inhibitions.

As far as popular drinks go, Maine tends to go for the classics. You can find a lot of vodka and whiskey ruling the bars of Maine. Every so often, you can find some cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, but otherwise, it’s all very straightforward.


You have to be careful with which bar you decide to hang around in since not every bar will take kindly to your fake ID. Here are a couple that will.

  1. The North Point: It is a casual hangout located in Portland. They serve everything from whiskey to fruity cocktails and even a few snacks or two. The atmosphere is calm enough to pass most fakes.
  2. The Snug Pub: A great place to chill and have some drinks. The place has a homely atmosphere which makes it just the right place to pull out a fake ID.


While Maine is a drinker’s paradise, it is not without its restrictions. Some bars will double down on you not having an ID. Here are a few that you should be cautious about.

  1. The Bearded Lady’s Jewel Box: It is an oddly named Portland bar. It has a lot going for it in terms of unique décor and a cocktail-heavy menu. Expect to have someone ask for your ID.
  2. Rí Rá Irish Pub & Restaurant: An upscale place in Portland. It’s designed to be a remnant of the good old days. However, unlike the good old days, you do have to prove you are old enough to get in.

Drinking Laws in Maine: Laws about drinking tend to be bog standard in Maine. You can’t drink under the age of 21 unless under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Using a fake ID will land you in jail and give the bartender the right to seize your ID.

Thickness0.04 inch
Dimensions 82.10 × 51.20 mm
ShippingCHINA, USA.
MethodDHL, USPS.
Delivery3-4 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
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