Oklahoma ID

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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Oklahoma.

Term: 4 years from issue month; 1-year early renewal option available, making term good up to 5 years.

Number: Alpha character followed by 9 digits.

Template: Current design matches Oklahoma IDs issued by the DMV.

View the OKLAHOMA (ID PRINTING DIAGRAM) for understanding data process & elements placement.
These are involved in making authentic (OK) IDs which are valid for (2021, 2022).



  • Ghost image; state and department seals repeat in optically variable ink and are visible under UV light.
  • Microprint “Oklahoma” lyric repeats in background.
  • Control number inside photo edge; red DOB outside photo edge.
  • State seal overlaps photo; holder’s signature appears twice; license number appears twice.

Scannable Features:

  • Demographic credentials of Oklahoma license holder encoded in a 2D QR code. 
  • Compatible ICN (Inventory Control Number) with laminated overlay on back.

Introduction: This state has some of the strictest laws when it comes to anything that can make you tipsy. That’s why you need our fake ID to prepare yourself for what Oklahoma has in store for you.

For a lot of people, Oklahoma is a pretty weird place. It’s known primarily for two things: frequent tornados and the invention of the electric guitar. However, the one thing that really stands out is how the state deals with alcohol prohibition.

About: Oklahoma’s hardline drinking laws translate into just how much people are boozing up. You see, this state ranks in the bottom 10 of the drinking states. Only about 13.9% of the adult population drinks excessively. This is way under the national average, which makes drinking here a bit tougher than what you would expect.

Oklahoma’s Drinking Culture: Combine some of the lowest drinking rates with some of the most hard-hitting alcohol laws in the country, and what do you get? If you answered with, “A lack of drinking culture,” you are probably right.

Even trying to find a decent drink at your local gas station can be a challenge. That’s why there is no clear drink of choice in Oklahoma. People just drink what they can find. 


The number of bars that will take your fake ID in Oklahoma is low but not non-existent. Here are the places to try:

  1. Whiskey Chicks: An old-school parlor in the heart of Oklahoma City. It’s got popular drink choices, friendly staff, and a whole lot of love. Passing a fake here isn’t too hard.
  2. The Max RetroPub: It is the 80s pub that will let you live the good old years with retro décor and games alongside a good selection of drinks. Showing off a fake ID isn’t as risky here as you would think.


More than anywhere else, you need to be careful about bars in Oklahoma that will card you. Most places here will check your ID such as the following:

  1. Put A Cork In It Winery: It presents a unique experience for a midscale winery. You can expect to taste some exquisite handcrafted local wines, but it will happen at the expense of presenting your ID.
  2. The Martini Lounge: One of the best places to get a martini in Edmond. It has great drinks and live music and will even arrange a meal for you if needed. Just make sure you leave your misconceptions of them not carding you at the door.

Drinking Laws in Oklahoma: One of the weirdest laws for alcohol in Oklahoma is the sin tax. This law adds an extra tax to things that are considered sinful, like booze.

Most stores that aren’t liquor stores are limited to light beer only. You can even get your license revoked for driving with anything over 0.00% BAC. Of course, not being able to drink under 21 is kind of a no-brainer.

Thickness0.028 inch
Dimensions 83.00 × 54.35 mm
Delivery2-3 EXPRESS, 7-8 STANDARD.
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