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Complete Washington Fake ID Features

Available Cards:

State ID & Driver’s license of Washington.


1 to 6 years, expires on birthday.


Starting September 2018, 12 characters with “WDL” then 9 random (no vowels Q or V).


Current design validates Washington licenses issued by the DMV.


View our Washington (ID MAKER DIAGRAM) for understanding information gathering & features placement.
These are involved in making authentic (WA) IDs which are valid for (2021, 2022).



  • Current and EDL: Security background overlaps photo; UV state seals & “WASHINGTON” serves as (HOLOGRAMS).
  • Microprinting; ghost image; OVD tree image; UV state seal on back.
  • On current EDL U.S. flag overlaps photo.
  • Pine Tree in rainbow printing.

Scannable Features:

  • Digital cards with 1D and 2D barcodes on back.
  • Enhanced license (EDL) has pink headbar and machine-readable zone on back and is a valid REAL ID compliant license.

Introduction: If you peer below the seemingly harmless surface of Washington, you’ll find that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. This state has some of the highest rates of binge drinking in the country which make it an ideal drinking ground for any party you want to throw at it. So let us get you seated and set for a drinking adventure with our fake ID.

On the surface, Washington carries a lot of national pride with it. It’s the only state named after a president it houses the nation’s capital, and it gave birth to two quintessential American companies; Microsoft and Starbucks.

DC wears a facade that could fool you when you don’t have the right information on where to get the best Washington fake ID. Only the college students who are sold to a life that doesn’t postpone an opportunity to drink discover the other side of Washington DC, where alcohol is accessible to all. 

Washington’s Fake ID Drinkography


Washington DC might be good at hiding the best places where you can indulge your hunger for drinks, but we will expose them in this article. All you and your gang of party explorers need are high-quality Washington fake IDs and a good knowledge of places where ID checks are lax.

Of course, drinkography is not a real word. But you don’t need to be drunk to understand that the term refers to Washington’s drinking population. You see, when you’re out of your apartment hunting for drinking spots in the US capital, you have to learn new languages fast, especially when your Washington fake ID age claims you’re old enough to drink. 

While DC carries a lot of national pride, the population has many willing drinkers, which keeps growing daily with every college kid that steps in. The point is to let you know that your desire to quench your appetite for drinks with a fake ID is not misplaced if you learn the ropes.

The trick lies in information. Where do teenagers like you get to booze without getting caught? As you already know, the big part is not getting a quality fake ID. Anyone can buy a Washington fake ID online. The challenge is storming the battlefield of clubs and bars full of bouncers and returning unscathed with the spoils of war. The enlightened fake ID drinkography of Washington DC knows how to drink and live to drink another day. 

In Washington DC, college students under 21 know that drinking in town can get tricky sometimes. Even at the point when they make their Washington fake ID application, they somehow know that fake ID checks are ruthless in town. So, those who stay long in the game always go out with a strategy. Yes, while your appetite may twist your intestines like a distressed reptile, it would be foolish not to have a plan when you go out to the streets of Washington with a fake ID.

Learn to avoid the town and seek comfort in the out-of-the-way bars that don’t judge or see binge-drinking college kids as a scandal.

About: Washington has a lot of willing drinkers in its wake. However, they seem to concentrated around certain cities rather than being spread around all over the state. This is why you can find that the percentage of excessive adult drinkers in the country sit at a respectable 17.8%.

As long as you avoid the towns with limited drinking scenes, you’ll fare just fine. There’s plenty to be fun had at party-centric places like Seattle for all your boozing needs.

Washington Drinking Culture: It’s hard to categorize Washington’s drinking culture in just a few words. In some ways, it’s hinged on being responsible with your alcohol intake. At other times, it focuses on just binge drinking until you can’t stand up no more.

The famous drinks in Washington tend to differ from location to location. You can find all kinds of different drinks being enjoyed in the state with everything from mojitos, to dry martinis, ales, and even margaritas.


Remember, there is one thing more important than entering a bar with a Washington fake ID – leaving without getting caught. Interestingly, when teenagers realize their drinking dreams, they testify.

The internet is full of reviews of places you can drink in DC with a fake ID and get away with it. These reviews also tell you what to expect in those places, making it easier for nervous teenagers going on their first drinking crusade.

While some bars and clubs can sniff your fake ID from a mile away, others can’t be bothered. In the former places, they know how to spot a fake Washington state ID from a simple scan and other psychological tricks that give you away.

Avoid these locations no matter how much fun you think might slip through your hands. When you step out with your comrades in Washington fake ID arms, your chances of having no incidents are with the bars that approach binge drinking with a don’t-ask-don’t-tell attitude. Some examples of this kind of bars are below:

There are quite a few Washington bars out there that will have you order drinks with just a fake ID.

  1. The first place you want to try is the Green Zone in D.C. It’s a bar that dabbles in drinking, music, and exotic Arabian culture. Fakes can get a pretty easy pass here.
  2. Calico is another chill situated in Blagden Alley. The bar itself is just a patio with some great mood lighting, patio chairs, and great drinks all around. A relaxed atmosphere and lax ID checks make this place feel like home.


Some Washington can get ruthless when it comes to whether or not you have ID on you. District Winery is one such place. It’s a wine factory. event space, and restaurant all rolled into one.

Some bars and clubs are popular, and it’s often tempting to want to have a taste of those places. However, you must know that with popularity comes the need for ruthless scrutiny. Many of these bars have standard equipment that Washington fake ID barcodes can’t sneak past without detection. You know what getting caught with a fake ID in Washington means. 

To be honest, businesses don’t really care if you’re 21 or 8. They have nothing personal against you; after all, you have the money they want. The only reason these popular spots don’t hesitate to notify the authorities when they catch you with a fake ID is that they want to avoid the consequences of not being on the side of the law.

Popular bars and clubs in DC have something good going for them, and they won’t risk losing their liquor license to impress college kids.

  • Highlights of this place include great high class drinks and constant ID checks. Bluejacket is a restaurant, bar, and a brewery that’s located in D.C. Here the beer is brewed in-house and you can catch some great food so as long as your bring your ID.

Drinking Laws in Washington: Can you believe that beneath the official outlook and seemingly serious poise of state business, Washington DC is also littered with bars and clubs that irrigate the streets with alcohol? When you’re in California and some other states whose names scream fun, you might think you’re missing out.

It is illegal to use Washington fake ID and punishment accompanies it when you are caught with one. One question that pops up among fake ID drinkers in DC, especially those nearing their Washington fake ID expiration date – is having a fake ID a felony in Washington?

First-year College students like you always assume that Washington fake ID laws must have an all-seeing eye. Therefore, your initial reaction is to think of DC as a damp towel thrown over your innate desire to go wild. When you look deeper, you’ll discover how wrong you are. DC is fun if you know where to look.

You can’t drink in Washington if you’re younger than 21 unless you’re with a parent or guardian. Using fake IDs to buy alcohol is illegal and will result in a fine of anywhere from $250 to $1,000 and even 25 hours community service.

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