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Price: $120

Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of New Jersey.

Term: 4 years. Licenses issued after March 2018 expire on holder’s birthdate.

Number: 15 characters, spaced 5-5-5, coded as follows (see current license): N =first letter of last name; 2963 26763 = state licensing codes; 0970 = month and year of birth; 2 = eye color. (Note: 50 is added to birth month for females [e.g., 51 = January; 6 l = November]. For males, the birth month is 01, 02, etc.)

Template: Current design matches New Jersey IDs issued by the MVC.

View the NEW JERSEY (ID MAKING DIAGRAM) for understanding data process & elemental placement.
These are involved in making authentic (NJ) licenses which are valid for (2021, 2022).


  • Fine-line background; rainbow printing; state seal and “NJ” repeat in holographic overlay.
  • Repeating “NEW JERSEY” and state silhouette visible under ultraviolet light. 
  • Microprinting technique used to print parts on back.
  • Motor Vehicle Commission monogram & state outline, map.

Scannable Features:

  • 1D & 2D codes. Fully compatible with format used by the MVC.
  • May show out-of-state address for Non-CDLs only. 

Introduction: Buying a scannable New Jersey fake ID will put an end to those sober pop concerts and let you get your groove on. The state is the birthplace of pop music, but it takes more than music to turn a night from merely enjoyable to truly memorable. 

Even though New Jersey isn’t one of the drunkest states in the US, don’t write it off just yet. It still has a lot to offer for your next trip. If it’s a weekend of music and drinking you’re after, New Jersey has you covered.

If you’re of an age at which the state deems you old enough to drive but not old enough to drink (seriously?), you’ll find yourself unable to enjoy New Jersey’s nightlife to its fullest. A premium fake ID will fill the real ID-sized hole in your life, letting you enjoy the best of New Jersey’s nightclubs.

About: Sitting on opposite sides of Lady Liberty, New Jersey and New York have been quarrelling brothers ever since anyone can remember. New Jersey is the scruffier sibling that gets the brunt end of every deal but not always.

Aptly nicknamed the Garden State for its abundance of state parks and dense forests, New Jersey is a culturally rich and naturally attractive state that has plenty going for it. For the summer vacationer looking for a budget vacation, this state offers miles and miles of sandy beaches, while nature lovers will appreciate the serenity of lush forests and cascading waterfalls.

On the other side of the coin sits a thriving music and bar scene that’s off-limits to everyone low on the year count. Well, not the music bit, but the other one that makes it worthwhile unless you can prove you’re old enough with an ID, of course!

New Jersey’s Drinking Culture: When it comes to having a good and cheap night out, there’s no beating beer. New Jersey’s pop music roots promote a lot of beer drinking, but the residents also enjoy some of the finer things in life.

The state is densely populated by Italian Americans, and it isn’t too difficult to guess what Italians love to have more than anything else with a dish of Bolognese – red wine. Wines, both red and white, are heavily and astutely enjoyed across the state.

Although New Jersey has some of the toughest liquor laws, another drink of choice the numbers have shot up for are Jager bombs. This one is another no-brainer.

We know no one enjoys Jager bombs more than students out for a fun night with friends. These students must have some premium New Jersey fake IDs on them or else Jager bomb sales wouldn’t be shooting through the roof!


New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the country, and what that means is that authorities have their hands full. This makes it easier to slip in a fake ID when you need to, whether it’s to get your first tattoo or get in on that Jager bomb contest with your friends.

  1. The Rio Lounge in Newark: Like any alcohol-serving establishment in the country, if you look young enough, servers will ask for an ID, but if the ID looks good enough, you are good to go.
  2. Clydz in New Brunswick: As long as the place you’re visiting isn’t too hot or high-profile, you can try your luck at any bar of your choice. It is a place where doormen are friendly & won’t cause a scene.


Getting into the hottest nightclubs or getting served in bars that get the most attention from law enforcement is going to be a challenge without an ID.

  1. Wurstbar: Popular for its heavenly wine and selection of lagers; it is one of the toughest ones to get in with a counterfeit ID. They are in the news for going hard on underage drinkers.
  2. The Hive Bar & Bistro: If you and your friends are looking for an even drunken night out, try the selection of exceptional cocktails at the 618 or give Rumba Cubana a go for a night of drinking and electronic music. But don’t take the risk of depending on a low-quality counterfeit ID. This place is known for confiscating fake IDs.

New Jersey’s Drinking Laws: New Jersey requires a person to be 18 years or over to be able to serve alcohol and 21 years or older to be able to consume it. Getting caught with a fake ID is a disorderly persons offense for a minor with a maximum sentence of 6 months and a fine of up to a thousand dollars.

A premium New Jersey fake ID purchased from a reliable vendor is virtually indiscernible from an original and using it at bars and clubs is fairly risk-free. For an unhindered night out, our scannable IDs will open up New Jersey’s nightlife for you and your mates.

Thickness0.027 inch
82.00 × 55.25 mm
MethodDHL, USPS.
Delivery2-4 EXPRESS, 7-10 STANDARD.
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