Montana ID

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Price: $100

Available Cards: Driver’s license of Montana.

Term: Valid up to 10 years.

Number: 13 digits: first 2 = birth month; next 3 assigned by our generating software; next 4 = birth year; next 2 = 41; last 2 = date of birth.

Template: Current design clones Montana licenses issued by the DMV.


  • Multicolor fine-line glacier park image.
  • Laser-perforation of Bitterroot.
  • UV; mountains, state flower.
  • OVD meadowlark, pine & customized iconic symbols of Montana.
  • Running horses, UV duplicate photo diagonal DOB on back.

Scannable Features:

  • Laminate has sunrise in UV.
  • Fitted with domicile encoding.

Introduction: We’ll grant you a free pass to all of Montana’s delights with our high grade fake ID. You too can experience all that the Treasure State has to offer without pesky laws and regulations holding you down. 

It has taken Montana a long time to come up with some drinking laws to ensure that its residents start to drink responsibly.
The amount of money spent by the government for alcohol has been rising almost every year. It has also been estimated that most people who indulge in excessive drinking are the youth.

About: Drunk driving has also been a severe problem in Montana along with binge drinking. A lot of the residents blame the promotion of alcohol and feel that it is being advertised way more than it actually should be. 

Montana Drinking Culture: Montana is filled with cowboys and girls who like to drink, and this is a habit that is hard to kill. It is not surprising that it is also among the top drunkest states in the US. It has been estimated that in 2005 alone, the consumption of distilled spirits was about 124.7 million shots, wine glasses amounted to 3.30 million, and the use of beer cans (12 ounces) was approximately 279.6 million.

Montana is known for drinking, and people here love to drink almost anything that has alcohol in it. Beer is one of the most common beverages; the most preferred here is Bud Light. Then comes hard liquor, and people love having some scotch on the rocks; the people’s choice in hard liquor is Jack Daniels. Vodka is also quite common when people visit bars and go out for a night of fun.

Cocktails are preferred here as well. The most popular cocktail of Montana is the Moscow Mule. This drink is a blend of lime juice, vodka, ginger beer and a wedge of lim. It is served in a copper mug. It does not sound like a large drink, and you can enjoy it alone or with others at a restaurant or home.


Underage drinking is not allowed in the state, but people find ways to bypass the system. The most popular form of doing so is by using fake IDs. It is easy to get a fake ID, but to use it to get into a bar or restaurant to have a few drinks is difficult. However, there are some bars where bouncers do not care much for IDs. These include:

  • Kalispell Brewing Company – With a pure atmosphere, you can get some high-quality drinks here.
  • Moose’s Saloon – It serves the best pizza, which you can enjoy with your drinks


There are a few places in Montana that are solely dedicated to serving drinks, which is why they are a bit stricter when it comes to checking ID. A few places that the staff at the gate will ask for the ID include:

  • Katabatic Brewing Co – It has a good selection of drinks, and the team is friendly. You will find its scotch ale to be one of the best drinks. It also has plenty of seating.
  • Red Lodge Ales Brewing Company – There’s a lot of beers to choose from, and the staff even helps you choose the one they feel will be best suited for your taste.
  • Butte Brewing Company – It’s a great place to pass the time with a wide variety of drinks, including beers. It has a great staff and is reasonably priced. The ambiance is friendly and calming.

What these places have in common is that they all serve some excellent choices in beer.

Drinking Laws in Montana: The hospitality sector in Montana has a lot of jobs that young adults tend to opt for. Thus, it is essential to know the age at which you can start working with alcohol. Adults are allowed to work at places that serve alcohol at their restaurants or shops. In Montana, a person is considered to be an adult if they are 18 years or older.

People under the age of 21 can drink alcoholic drinks, but the condition is that a guardian or parent must provide it. They can consume it at any private location, but it is vital that drinking should not lead to intoxication.

People under the age of 21 are not allowed to buy alcohol. Use of a fake ID is also illegal and so is its production. Anyone caught buying or selling a fake ID will be penalized. For the same age bracket, it is illegal to drink if the blood concentration level is 0.02 or above


Thickness0.03 inch
Dimensions 84.26 × 58.27 mm
Delivery4-6 EXPRESS, 8-10 STANDARD.
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