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STEP 1: Find your total price by writing the total number of ID(s) you will be purchasing. Select “SINGLE” if you want to order a single fake ID or choose “GROUP” if you want to order for a group or multiple IDs.

STEP 2: Select the state you will be buying. If you are ordering different state IDs for each person in a group order then select the last option ““DIFFERENT STATES” in the bottom of the state list of the form & find out your total price.

Note: Discounts are automatically calculated by our form based on number of IDs that you order.

STEP 3: After selecting all of the above options; find your total at the bottom of the form. Then select your Payment option. Load your Amazon Gift Card –OR– Google Play Gift Card with the calculated Amount & submit your forms. -OR- If you want to pay with “BITCOIN” then submit the form(s) for a single or Group ID(s) & you will receive instructions on how to pay with “BITCOIN” via E-mail after submitting your form.

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