Fake ID Materials & Elements: 2023 Upgrade & Updates

Last Updated on: 8th February 2023, 07:44 pm

New Missouri, Oklahoma, Wyoming Templates

In 2023, new designs state ids such as North Dakota, Missouri, Wyoming & Oklahoma were unveiled. Working on these ids is not easy as printing licenses on the older versions of the replicas.

The printing element PVC is no longer required to print the 2023 driving licenses of these states. Just like most new licenses; Polycarbonate will replace it as the making substance.

The DMV has decided to rely on Poly composite cards because it allows space for warping during the lamination process & can endure higher temperatures. All the PVC hologram sleeves have to be upgraded according to each template & we have completed the process.

Relying on Recycled PVC sheets is asking for trouble. New technology & advanced printing machinery has been equipped at our printing facility in Guangdong.

These machines no longer apply ribbon dyes to the cards directly, but the downside of a transfer film. The transparent base on our hologram sleeves makes the IDs on a 5:1 ratio using high-tech UV ink.

The thermal dye sublimation process has to be replaced with a new technique, which works by label dye sublimation.

Replacement of Ink Ribbons

The 2023 templates used by the DMV are mostly printed with the help of intricate colors. Licenses for states such as Florida or Arkansas come with a new feature OVI as a hologram.

Although, traditional holography of identity cards used another technique that involved binding them to the cardstock. However, the risks of dirt getting beneath & peeling off the lamination increases the chance of getting caught with a fake id. 

The new equipment with YMCKOK 200 Prints

The Evolis R6F003AAA ID card printer ribbon comes with 200 rolls. It is used with heat-resistant cardstock to absorb chemical inks effectively.

When it comes to printing best fake id cards, you need to be extra careful. It is used alongside Apache AL13P printing equipment – we prefer this since it prints edge-to-edge id cards in seconds & allows quick drying.

The advanced magnifier nails even the finest detail. The microprinting on all ids is achieved using Microfiche Canon technology.

It combines with A4 Laminator Laminating Machine Hot 110V 3 -5 Mil to provide heat-resistant laminated fraudulent ids. The magnetic stripe encoder has a modified smart-encoding format that involves iClass technology.

Modern-day fake ids should have specified ISO standard 7811 compatible HiCo encoding on their magnetic stripes.

Customized Equipment for Specific IDs

Due to popular demand & bestseller requirements – the New York fake ids are now made using 600 x 300 dpi* for micro. The machines allow workers in the factory to spend less time & provide an accurate depiction of DMV-based features such as emblems & holograms.

The resolution is higher than any other id makers in the market & data-secure. With multiple facilities, the card-printing speed has increased significantly. Our workers print 200 cards per hour in each facility.

Made From Scratch IDs

The usual method of making fraudulent identity cards involves these steps.

  1. Collect Information for Printing.
  2. Apply the information to the saved digital template – data such as full name, cardholder’s license number, signature, etc.
  3. Print the data on the card using Adobe Photoshop. 
  4. Laminate the card with holograms.

These methods are step-by-step processes for making id cards and are in for almost a decade. With the upgraded equipment; we no longer have to rely on these common techniques. 

Customer Security Enhancements

The safety of customer information should always be a top priority. With the update of digital shredding technology, the fake ids are untraceable. Our machines digitally shred each id card printed.

Hence, once your id comes out, there is no trace of what-so-ever went through it. Your information is fragmented. The machines work offline, having no connectivity online to achieve complete security.

Shipping Upgrades

The complete dispatch of your package without getting spotted by the customs is our utmost priority. The team responsible for wrapping packages inside disguised cardboard boxes has been upgraded with indispensable tools.

These allow them to ship our fake id packages more discretely. The priority-shipping department can now ship 2000 packages per day. The fake id shipping policy will remain the same, but the updates were required to slip packages without any delays.


Making bogus id cards is a complex process. One small mistake and the reputation are at stake. Setting the laminators at the right temperatures will help in achieving the correct binding procedure of the ids.

The minute dimensions of an ID card such as thickness or size play a vital role in assessment by Bartenders. People assume this is a common practice. It requires a great deal of money & investment of time.

There is no guaranteed success because the business of fraudulent identification is an inconsistent market. To have great success, id makers should print high-speed fake ids with every security feature in detail.

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3 thoughts on “Fake ID Materials & Elements: 2023 Upgrade & Updates”

  1. The Cleaning kit for laminating cards is also a necessity when it comes to printing reliable fake ids. There are 16-oz containers for Poly off solutions if you use those rolls. When adequately used, it can spare a lot of money as a business.

    1. You can get a decent laminating kit for $2000-2500 range. It comes with a rolls sheet and can be replaced when it runs out. Those are hard to get now with Chinese imports and shipping slow. Still, it is impossible to match the DMV-grade printing. Nobody can make it fake-proof but the texture needs to resemble.

  2. What sort of material do vendors use for new ids like Missouri or Texas. It comes with OVD and embedding optically variable images within Teslin isn’t possible. Technologically, Polycarb ids are a better choice but to replicate it with an ordinary counterfeit making machine is a tough task. Haven’t come across a vendor able to nail the OVD in a Florida ID so far.

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